Coachman’s Inn at night!

First, we need to say that while you are at our Coachmans we will make you stay fell like you are at home or a dear friends. My wife, Karen has made it her mission in life to make everyone feel at home,  when you are here at the Coachmans Inn, Carmel by the Sea. From the time you arrive , the staff, housemaids, maintenance and gardener, and dogs will make your stay a vacation  you will remember forever!

Karen, George, Ashford, Tigger and Staff

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The Sounds of Bach are in the Air.

Carmel’s weather is great, and the sounds of Bach are in the air at the Sunset Center. The beaches are inviting also with or without your 4 legged friends.

So come and experience all the charm of our Inn and the city we call home.

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Stay, Ride and Eat!

In the Goldwing motorcycle world, most riders live by a saying; “eat to ride ride to eat”. Here in Carmel we say stay and eat to ride, in one of the best places to rest before you see and appreciate the Carmel and California coastline.


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Summer’s almost here

Summer is almost here and that means lots of people coming to the Carmel area, just remember our weather here is just a bit cooler than in southern California. Ashford and Tigger say; layer the fur. Weekends are getting busier and you should call early to reserve the room of your choice. and remember to stop in to the office and get your fury friends a biscuit or two…

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Well, I guess you all have heard the future King and Queen of England may be coming to Carmel. And  Ashford and Tigger feel that they along with everyone else will have a dog- gone good time here in July.

So come see all of us here at the Coachmans Inn in beautifully Carmel by the Sea….

George, Karen, Ashford and Tigger

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Call ahead.

Well it is getting to that time of the year when we start filling up quickly. So remember to call ahead and book your stay with our wonderful staff with Betty, Bonnie or Bridget in the finest Inn in the city of Carmel By The Sea. And remember to stop into the office and say hello to Ashford and Tigger, along with Karen and George.

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Ashford and Tigger chime in!

A little info,  Karen and I are the loving owners of two very Carmel dogs, Ashford a 10 year old black lab Guide dog, and Tigger a 14 year young blondish-red wheaten/chow mix.  Great day for walking your dogs on the beautiful dog friendly beach.

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